Three of the Top Photography Business Video Course

As a small business owner. continued education is important for growing my photography business. There are times when download large conference or convention is just not an option for me. But there are other ways to get a similar learning experience from home. While books and lectures can be useful, I have found that online courses or video are very useful form eduction. I’m sure there are many options for online courses, but here are some of my favorite resources.

Creative Live

Creative Live is a great resource for online courses for business owners. One of the great things about Creative Live is that you can actually watch the video of their courses for free if you set while they are alive. They are online course programs are very reasonably priced, although if you’re like me and want to refer to them often. They have everything from photographs specific courses on lighting and the creation of more general courses on running your business or balance work and life.

Photo Vision

One of the great things about Photo Vision is that it is a subscription based video training program. You pay an annual or monthly fee and have access to hundreds of hours of education. You can stream video online or you can get video in the mail or you can get both online and video access. This video education program is especially photographers and covers everything from newborn meetings to wedding photography. It has live shoots, how to run your business, how to make the sale in person, figuring out pricing structure and much much more. They cover a wide selection of incredibly useful information for running the photography studio.

Zach & Jody Gray

This is another photographer specific video option. Zach & Jody Gray are well known and well respected couple wedding photographer team. They have some videos available to teach photographers how to get great pictures in the camera, how to shoot with natural light and off camera lighting, and how to speed by your processing time. I’ve learned something from every single one of their videos and would recommend them to any photographer who is trying more technical grasp of their craft.

These are just a few video tutorials which I also use regularly for my education and I’m sure there are myriad more! No matter what your preference is, further enhance business knowledge is very important to continue to grow and develop into a thriving business owner

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